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Network for Children’s Rights Youth Center Home Edition

Apr 30, 2020
The top priority for the Network for Children’s Rights (NCR) Youth Center in the midst of the pandemic has been to maintain as much of its programming—and momentum—engaging and supporting the youth as much as possible.

The result is the NCR Youth Center Home Edition initiative, delivered through NCR’s website, YouTube channel, and social media channels. An integral part of the organization’s move to online programs has been the volunteers who continue to lead activities with perseverance, energy, and experience.

Responding to the isolation, inactivity, and significant psychological impacts young people have faced under social distancing measures, the Network redoubled its efforts to reach out to young people all over Greece and has expanded the ranks of its volunteers.

NCR Youth Center Home Edition programs have included virtual lessons in ping pong, German, music, drawing, and modern dance, as well as a theater group and the Young Journalists program.

The online activities are being translated into English to serve as wide an audience as possible.