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Inauguration of Renzo Piano’s project in Ronchamp, France

Sep 07, 2011
The inauguration of the emblematic “Ronchamp 2008-2010” project will take place on Friday, September 9th. The project includes the expansion and renovation of the space surrounding the church of Notre Dame du Haut, created by Le Corbusier (1955).

The organization in charge of the “Ronchamp 2008-2010” selected Renzo Piano as the project’s architect. He has undertaken the renovations and all other relevant work with partial funding from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

The Foundation’s grant will go towards the construction of the entrance area, which, like all the other new buildings, will be fully integrated into the surrounding environment. Known as “Ronchamp”, the church of Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp, France, is one of the finest examples of the architectural work of French-Swiss architect Le Corbusier, as well as one of the most important creations of 20th century church architecture.

The “Ronchamp 2008-2010” project was launched in 2005, with the aim to preserve and promote the spiritual nature of the area and the church, and to improve the services offered to visitors. The project includes the construction of a new reception area and of a monastery that will accommodate 12 nuns as well as, the full renovation of the road network and surrounding space, and the creation of a car park.

The project’s architect, Renzo Piano (, has also designed the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, which will be created, by means of an exclusive grant by the Foundation, at the site of the Old Hippodrome of Athens, in the Municipality of Kallithea.

For more information about the grant, please click here.