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A new initiative by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation aims to help ease effects of the growing socio-economic crisis in Greece

Nov 29, 2011
The Board of Directors of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, recognizing the consequences of the extended financial crisis keenly felt across all strata of Greek society, has approved a series of grants addressing the country’s mounting social needs. Supported by an initial budget of €1,500,000 ($1,995,600), the grants will sponsor a series of pilot programs in three areas: provision of Social Housing services to prevent homelessness, operation of Day Centers to support the homeless, and distribution of Food Aid.

The Foundation’s purpose and philosophy in dealing with vital issues remains to complement rather than replace the work of institutional and state organizations. The programs have been designed in accordance to best practices and as a result of extensive discussions with organizations with long-term practical experience in each corresponding area. The Social Housing and Day Center programs represent a novel approach for Greece, both in terms of methodology and impact potential. 

The Social Housing Program will be implemented in collaboration with the nonprofit organization PRAKSIS. The program’s approach is aimed at supporting families currently at risk of becoming homeless. By providing targeted support (psychological and social programs, financial education and employment programs), the Social Housing Program strives to help families retain their homes.

The purpose of running three Day Centers, in strategically selected parts of Athens, is to provide relief for those who are already homeless. The Day Centers aim to offer basic services to their visitors, including psychological and social support, bathing and laundry facilities, clean clothes, a place to rest, and meals. This initiative is also undertaken in collaboration with the nonprofit organization, PRAKSIS.

Food Aid is sponsored by funding the work of the nonprofit organization Artos-Drasi (Bread-Action). The program includes the distribution of prepared meals to support other food aid programs in Attica, and the collection of excess food for distribution. Educational programs for children and young people are also an important part of the program.

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