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2019 Eliasson Global Leadership Prize Winners Announced by Tällberg Foundation

Nov 13, 2019
They’re a Congolese dancer and choreographer, an Australian engineer and entrepreneur, and an American physician and humanitarian. Though differing in background and field of work, the winners of the 2019 Eliasson Global Leadership Prize share an optimistic vision for the future and a drive to realize it.

Prize winner Anne Goldfeld is a physician, scientist, and humanitarian who works on community-based treatment of infectious diseases. Saul Griffith is also a scientist—as well as an engineer and entrepreneur—who is working toward a carbon-free future through scalable clean energy innovation. Faustin Linyekule tells stories as a dancer, choreographer, and director that help people understand the past and look to the future.

The Tällberg Foundation’s announcement of the winners said that the Prize was given for “leadership—in any field and any country—that is courageous, innovative, rooted in universal values and global in application or in aspiration.” The winners will take part in the New Thinking for a New World workshop to be held on November 14 by Tällberg in partnership with the Senate of Kenya and Strathmore University Business School.

The Eliasson Global Leadership Prize is made possible through the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). The Prize is named for Swedish diplomat and former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Jan Eliasson, and each winner, selected by Tällberg’s international jury, is awarded $50,000.

“In its efforts to identify true signals of leadership across disciplines and geographies,” said SNF Co-President Andreas Dracopoulos, “the Tällberg Foundation works to cut through the familiar noise. SNF is proud to support the Prize in its push towards a more inclusive and expansive idea of leadership. Individually, the sorts of leaders Tällberg identifies and honors are humanistic visionaries doing work which as transformative potential. Collectively, they represent hope for our future.”