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$1 Million Endowment to Universite de Montreal Establishes Stavros Niarchos Foundation Scholarship

Sep 24, 2013
Grant rounds-up year-long commitment celebrating70 years of Canada-Greece relations. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation and the Universite de Montreal today announced the establishment of the SNF Scholarships with a $1 million endowment fund. Qualified Greek citizens and residents will be able to pursue their research studies at the graduate level at the University.
The announcement marks the final grant in a year-long effort to establish scholarships for Greeks students at Canadian Universities to celebrate a 70-year diplomatic relationship between Canada and Greece. The program was initiated in collaboration with Mr. Robert Peck, the Canadian Ambassador to Greece. To date, the Foundation has awarded grants totaling $4 million to McGill University, University of Ottawa, York University, and now Université de Montréal.
The grant also falls in line with the Foundation’s current $130,000,000 three year initiative (2012-2015) to combat the severe effects of the country’s socioeconomic crisis, since it provides academically qualified Greek students, lacking the financial means to further their studies, with an opportunity to do so at first rate universities. 
“With this grant in place, Greek students will now have a choice and the chance to study at the finest universities Canada has to offer,” says Andreas Dracopoulos, Co-President of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.
“Thanks to generous donations, our university boasts outstanding students from many places around the world, enriching our community and enabling these students to obtain a first rate education,” said Université de Montréal Rector, Dr. Guy Breton. “I thank the Stavros Niarchos Foundation wholeheartedly for creating this important fund at Université de Montréal. We look forward to welcoming the first scholarship recipients.”
The Scholarships can only be awarded to students registered in a Master’s or Ph.D. program of the University. For the Master’s program, the Scholarship is offered for a maximum of two years and for the Ph.D. program, the Scholarship is offered for a maximum of four years. To qualify for the Scholarships, candidates must meet all of the Université de Montréal’s acceptance criteria for their program of choice.