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The SNF’s Co-President, Andreas Dracopoulos, talks to the Athens News Agency - Macedonian News Agency

Nov 06, 2017
The Athens News Agency - Macedonian News Agency features a comprehensive interview with the Co-President of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), Mr. Andreas Dracopoulos, who details his optimism about the future of Greece, as well as his firm belief that “all Greeks joined together we can once again pleasantly surprise the rest of the world”.

In his interview, Mr. Dracopoulos talks about the SNF’s new grant initiative, totaling over $238 million, to further support the health sector in Greece, as well as the grant-making activities of the Foundation that cut across a wide array of fields, underscoring the core values that guide the SNF’s grant-making work, both in Greece and worldwide. Specifically, Mr. Dracopoulos notes that “The SNF’s grant-making work may involve support to a small-scale organization situated in a provincial city, with direct beneficiaries the members of the local community, as well as far-reaching initiatives that have thousands of beneficiaries.  All grants are treated equally, irrespective of the size of the organization.”

According to Mr. Dracopoulos, the Foundation aims to “continue to help in the same manner over the coming years, to the best of our abilities, to make our world a better place to live and create.”

Finally, Mr. Dracopoulos considering the SNFCC’s first year of operation and the public’s response so far, notes that “…it fills us with optimism to witness that positive and substantial changes are actually possible.”

To read the full interview, click here.