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Andreas Dracopoulos discusses current events and SNF grantmaking at SNF Nostos media roundtable

Jul 01, 2022

This year’s edition of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation’s (SNF) annual summer gathering, SNF Nostos Health, was organized in collaboration with journalism nonprofit iMEdD (incubator for Media Education and Development), and it incorporated a number of new features inviting journalists to play an integral role and connect with participants, including SNF Co-President Andreas Dracopoulos.

In addition to the first dedicated, onsite iMEdD Media Area for journalists at SNF Nostos, Media Table events gave journalists a chance to sit down for informal roundtable conversation with conference speakers. Here, Andreas fielded questions from representatives of a variety of news outlets, including, on SNF’s grantmaking work and other timely societal issues.

The questions and Andreas’s direct, candid answers focused on topics including threats to freedom of the press in Greece, the link between rising energy costs and inequality, and recent U.S. Supreme Court news, as well as the SNF Health Initiative, the need for the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) to stand on its own as a resource for the public, the SNF’s long-term commitment to Greece, and more.

Read the coverage from the journalists who attended the Media Table with Andreas,,,, as well as a representative selection of additional articles published (in chronological order),,,,,,,,,,

Yale social scientist Nicholas Christakis also participated in Media Table conversations, as did public sector innovator Beth Blauer together with public health-oriented engineer Lauren Gardner.