The incubator for Media Education and Development (iMEdD) is a nonprofit organization established in 2018 through an exclusive grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). Aiming to promote transparency, credibility, independence, and excellence in the field of journalism, it opened its doors in early 2019 in Athens.

The organization was conceived in the context of an international crisis in journalism marked by a lack of trust in traditional media and their “replacement” by social media. In response, iMEdD aims to build a powerful community of independent media professionals in a welcoming space that promotes collaboration and the development of new ideas and ventures. To achieve this, iMEdD works with the Greek and international academic community, international peer organizations, and professionals from around the world.

Four primary pillars guide the organization’s work: the Ideas Zone, the incubator, Bridge, and the Lab.

The Ideas Zone aims at the exchange of expertise and best practices in journalism. Following thematic cycles, workshops and events with guest speakers from Greece and abroad cover a range of practical and theoretical knowledge in the field.

The iMEdD incubator hosts existing organizations, both nonprofit and for-profit, as well as groups or individuals with a plan for creating a new journalistic organization or implementing an innovative project in the field. In a fully equipped workspace, iMEdD offers participants the know-how, strategic guidance, and networking opportunities necessary to help their ideas come to life. Participants are selected based on set criteria related to the sustainability, developmental potential, and originality of the idea put forward. Organizations selected for the program are hosted at iMEdD for nine months and projects for three. 

The incubator, which launched its first cycle in April 2019, has hosted to date projects which encompass a wide range of activities and areas of interest, including documentaries, digital platforms, journalistic research, photography, and more. 

Another primary pillar of the organization’s work is Bridge, through which iMEdD develops collaborations with other projects based in Greece and abroad. Bridge uses journalism as a means of expression and vehicle of democracy for populations with limited access to information sources and decision centers. Current collaborators include the Global Girl Media initiative, a citizen-journalism training program promoting the voices of young women, and the Athens newspaper Migratory Birds, which is produced by young immigrants, refugees, and Greeks.

The Lab, the fourth pillar of iMEdD’s work, focuses on the production and presentation of interactive journalistic research, data analysis projects, and projects using multimedia and other innovative journalistic tools. The goal of the iMEdD Lab is to spread best practices in research, documentation, and narration, as well as the adoption of codes of conduct and transparent practices. Content from the iMEdD Lab is issued under a Creative Commons license.

The iMEdD Lab draws inspiration from the Dracopoulos iDeas Lab at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. The iDeas Lab, established in 2011 with personal support from SNF Co-President Andreas Dracopoulos, aims to communicate complex policy research in a broadly accessible way.

In its first year, iMEdD hosted more than 20 programs, 800 participants, and 100 lecturers, mentors, and partners through its four primary pillars of work.

Housed in state-of-the-art facilities in downtown Athens, iMEdD includes fully equipped working spaces, an editing suite, and a sound recording booth.

The organization’s founding team consists of journalists Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou and Stratis Trilikis.

Anna-Kynthia serves as Managing Director of iMEdD. Since 2016, Anna-Kynthia has served as an advisor to SNF on grants related to journalism and is also Executive Director of the Foundation’s monthly DIALOGUES series. During her 13 years of experience in journalism, she has worked as a radio reporter, news editor, journalist, and broadcast producer.

Stratis Trilikis is the Programs Director of iMEdD. Stratis is a journalist who has served as director and editor-in-chief of various newspapers, radio and TV stations for more than 30 years. He has also worked as an editorial journalist for Greek and international media, and as a diplomatic and war correspondent.

Meet the full iMEdD team.

The initiative that established iMEdD is part of SNF’s broader effort to promote excellence in journalism around the world.