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Hellenic Fire Department

In July 2018, in response to the tragic losses suffered by so many families and individuals in the catastrophic fires that took place in Greece, the SNF’s Board of Directors decided to support once more the work of the Hellenic Fire Department which is of national importance, with a €25 million grant.

Our goal was to contribute to the difficult work of firefighters who risk their lives on the front lines for the safety of their fellow citizens, and the preservation of Greece’s natural resources, and to reinforce, at the same time, the Department’s infrastructure in order to help prevent disasters of such magnitude in the future.

Τhe main axes of the grant include the procurement of personal protective gear, vehicle equipment, and machinery, as well as the construction of an educational facility. Following further discussions with the Fire Department and SNF’s input, the grant includes the implementation of public educational programs designed and developed by the Fire Department.

The course the SNF follows in implementing and monitoring its grants, including the grant to the Fire Department, allows it to ensure, to the extent possible, that the projects funded by the SNF will be implemented according to a specific budget and timetable and in full transparency. This has been the SNF’s prior experience with the construction of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, the launch of the recent Health Initiative, and the procurement of 143 ambulances to the National Center for Emergency Care , indicative of the SNF’s support to the Greek State.

Since the beginning of its charitable activities in 1996, SNF has regularly supported the Hellenic Fire Department, through grants totaling €44 million, including the current €25 million donation. SNF’s support includes a Super Puma helicopter, which has been used for many years, including during last summer’s devastating fires; the purchase of 15 firefighting vehicles; equipment to assist volunteer firefighters on the islands of Cephalonia and Samos; and the construction of the training center for the 1st Special Disaster Response Units (EMAK). In addition, SNF has funded a long-standing Fire Department staff-training program on forest fires, in collaboration with the British Columbia Wildfire Service in Canada. Upon their return, the program participants trained their colleagues in Greece.


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