The incubator for Media Education and Development (iMEdD) is a nonprofit organization established in 2018 with exclusive support from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). Its mission is to support and promote transparency, credibility, independence, and excellence in journalism.

In a welcoming space that promotes collaboration and the development of new ideas and ventures, iMEdD aims to build a powerful community of independent media professionals. To achieve this, iMEdD works with the Greek and international academic community, international peer organizations, and professionals from around the world.

Six primary pillars guide the organization’s work: Ideas Zone, incubator, Bridge, Lab, Inside the Box, and Out of the Box.

Ideas Zone aims to foster exchange of expertise and best practices in journalism. Workshops and events that follow timely thematic cycles cover a range of practical and theoretical knowledge in the field with guest speakers from Greece and abroad.

The organization's incubator hosts and provides support to existing organizations, both nonprofit and for-profit, with bold new ideas for contributing to the field. It also provides a launch pad for groups and individuals with plans for creating new journalistic organizations to address unmet needs or implementing innovative projects in the field. 

Another pillar of the organization’s work is Bridge, through which iMEdD develops collaborations with other projects in Greece and abroad. Bridge emphasizes journalism's role  as a means of expression and vehicle of democracy for populations with limited access to information sources and decision centers. 

Lab, iMEdD’s fourth pillar, focuses on production and dissemination of interactive journalistic research, data analysis projects, and stories that use multimedia and innovative journalistic tools. 

The goal of Inside the Box is to share ideas, know-how, and best practices, as well as to provide strategic guidance on and implement projects related to SNF’s work. The SNF DIALOGUES, which foster exchange of ideas in order to encourage and elevate public discourse, is now part of iMEdD’s Inside the Box pillar.

The objective of the sixth pillar, Out of the Box, is to collaboratively organize and implement experimental and innovative journalism projects.

Based in Athens, iMEdD was founded by journalists Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou and Stratis Trilikis.

Meet the full iMEdD team.

SNF's founding and ongoing support for iMEdD is part of the Foundation's broader effort to promote excellence in journalism around the world.