Vyronas-Kaisariani Mental Health Community Center

Program support
The grant is part of the  Mental Health Promotion Program for Children, Adolescents and Young Adults.

For the implementation of a program for the carrying out of preventive interventions at the community level aiming to avert learning disorders in pre-school and early primary school children in Athens. The program will be divided into three parts: a) an early detection program for children with special developmental problems, b) an educational program addressed to kindergarten teachers on school readiness, and c) a program for the early detection of learning disabilities in first grade students, and d) the creation of a support network for children with learning disabilities whose families are undergoing financial problems.

The Vyronas-Kaisariani Mental Health Community Center of the 1st University of Athens Psychiatric Clinic was established in 1979. It serves the residents of four densely populated municipalities, offering its services free of charge. As part of the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, the Children and Adolescents Mental Health Service offers counseling services to families as well as individual sessions for children. In addition, it offers special treatments for children with learning disabilities, speech therapy, and treatment of developmental problems.