University of Ioannina

ICHCVT - Construction

For the International Center of Hellenic Culture and Vocational Training.  The center operates as an autonomous guest house for 130 people, complete with teaching rooms, laboratories for trainees, space for cultural and artistic events and a theater.

The goals of the ICHCVT are:

A. To support teaching of the Greek language to foreigners and to provide facilities for teaching international languages such as English and Russian.

B. To promote Greek-European culture and the understanding of local traditions, and the traditions of other countries.

C. To support cultural activities presented by Greek and foreign groups.

D. To train young people in professions that will address needs in the Balkan Peninsula and the countries of the Black Sea Region. 

E. To train students and young scientists from the "West" on problems and possible professional opportunities in countries in a transitional economy. 

F. To organize support for international scientific conferences, cultural meetings and festivals.