The Walters Art Museum - Programs support - Stavros Niarchos Foundation

The Walters Art Museum

Programs support

For enhanced interpretive offerings and programs to further engage visitors in the Greek galleries. The educational materials and activities include:

• Collections Connections handouts (laminated cards) to encourage visitors to explore other galleries in the Walters that show works that have been influenced by ancient Greece.

• A Walters’ ArtCart store with a selection of puzzles, costumes, drawing kits, magnetic storyboards, art activities, etc. specifically devoted to Greek themes.

• A free Family Guide for the Greek collection.

• Collections-related books in the Greek galleries for learning and enjoyment.

• Teacher resource kits that include compact disks and slides (or transparencies) of ten images from the collection and object descriptions.

• The 2006 Family Festival to introduce visitors to the art and culture of ancient Greece.