Steinhauser-Casanova Stiftung

Capital support
To support the extension of the Steinhauser Center. In view of the increased demand for adequate care facilities and housing for the elderly, the organization is planning to build an extension of 15 new rooms, which would allow them to accommodate at least 15 more residents. The extension will offer new residents full access to all the facilities and services offered by the center. Furthermore, the apartments will be modified for use by the elderly and the disabled.

The Steinhauser-Casanova Stiftung was first established in 1966 as an ecclesiastical  institution and finally changed in 2007 to a private not for profit foundation, providing facilities for elderly and disabled residents in Obersaxen and surrounding areas. In 1995, a project was launched to establish a non-confessional center for the elderly called the Steinhauser Center, which opened to the public in September 2003. This center offers palliative and medical care for its 25 residents.