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SOS Children's Villages

Operating expenses
The grant concerns the funding of operational expenses for the SOS Hostel program, which includes two hostels in Attica and Thessaloniki for abused children. The program is focused on the care and protection of abused babies & infants, offering much needed short-term shelter and intensive therapeutic support. The Hostel in Attica is run in collaboration with the charity association ELISA - Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
The purpose of SOS Children's Villages is to help children who have lost their parents or are homeless for other reasons. The principles of SOS pedagogy are considered exemplary and the SOS Children’s Village family is considered the best alternative to the natural family environment. SOS Greece runs 3 Villages in Attica, Alexandroupoli and Thessaloniki, as well as 2 Youth Houses and 3 Social Centers.