Society of Messenian Archaeological Studies

Monument restoration
For studies and restoration projects at the ancient theater of Ancient Messene. The restored theater will have the capacity to hold 1,500 people.

Upon completion of the restoration projects, the theater will be used to host cultural events and will contribute to the region´s attractions to tourists.
Ancient Messene was founded in 369 B.C. by the Theban General Epaminondas and is located in Western Peloponnese. Ancient Messene is considered to be among the most important excavated cities in Greece. Excavation works began taking place in the ancient city in 1987. In comparison to other ancient cities, Ancient Messene remains much more intact, as it has not been destroyed by more recent settlements. The ancient city possesses sanctuaries and public buildings, houses, fortifications and tombs. Besides the Acropolis, the city was divided into religious, political and commercial centers.
The theater of Ancient Messene was constructed in the 4th century B.C. The theater is a monument in the ancient city and is adjacent to the Agora (market place).

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