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Save the Children

Project support

In 2008, Save the Children launched the “Everyone” life-saving campaign to reduce the number of child deaths by 5 million, by 2015. In that context, the project aims to increase access to quality healthcare for mothers and children in rural districts in the South Wollo zone, Amara region, Ethiopia. The project’s goal is to increase the number of families that have access to maternal, newborn and child health services, relying on and strengthening the existing governmental health system and promoting better health practices at the community level, thus reducing the number of children dying from easily preventable causes. The project includes the training of volunteer Community Health Promoters to disseminate good health practices, including HIV issues, amongst rural communities, and to establish awareness-raising sessions in schools to deliver key health messages. The project also includes a research program to assess bottlenecks in accessing rural healthcare, and to inform public bodies accordingly, in order to enhance improvements on a national level and encourage the project’s replication.

The Save the Children movement was founded in 1919 in London as a response to conditions in Europe following the First World War, in order to support children in the most devastated areas. Registered in 1962, Save the Children UK is member of the International Save the Children Alliance, a group of 28 independent agencies working in 120 countries to fight for children’s rights, promote their welfare and to bring them lasting changes and opportunities.