Royal Academy of Arts

For sponsoring the Byzantium 330-1453 exhibition, which was held at the Royal Academy in collaboration with the Benaki Museum. The goal of the exhibition was to reveal the meaning of Byzantine Art to the contemporary viewer and to illustrate its contribution to the world of art.

The exhibits featured about 300 artifacts, on loan mostly from museums in Europe and the USA, as well as from the monastery of St. Catherine’s at Sinai and from the San Marco Treasury in Venice. The works included paintings, icons, micro-mosaics, enamels, and metalwork. Over 340,000 people visited the exhibition, one of the most popular in the history of the Royal Academy of Arts.
The Royal Academy of Arts is an independent, privately funded institution led by prominent artists and architects.  It was established by George III in 1768 to promote painting, printmaking, sculpture and architecture.  In addition to hosting exhibitions, the Royal Academy also runs gallery education programs, seminars and debates, as well as a postgraduate art school and a research library.
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