Practical Action Limited

Project support in Zimbabwe
Partial funding to support vulnerable communities in semi-arid areas of Zimbabwe.

This project is split into specific initiatives in various districts across the country. A primary focus will be better agricultural water management.  Farmers will be provided with new high productive crop varieties that are adapted to climatic conditions such as droughts.  They will also be taught how to improve storage conditions and new goods processing techniques through the creation of production chains. Another agricultural initiative concerns the rearing of livestock through feeding and health control techniques. Yet another area of focus will be HIV/AIDS affected households, which have reduced labor availability.  The households will be taught about labor saving agronomic technologies and new income generating options. Practical Action volunteers train people who disseminate their learning and organize workshops to encourage best practices sharing and to teach citizen advocacy methods.
The Intermediate Technology Development Group (renamed “Practical Action” in 2005) was created in 1966 by the economist Fritz Schumacher to prove that his philosophy of “Small is beautiful” could bring sustainable improvements to people living in developing countries. Practical Action’s vision is that of a world free of poverty and injustice in which technology is used to the benefit of all. The organization works with poor people to help them create their own solutions and to develop the skills and technology that will improve their lives and their communities. International programs are organized around four axes: 1) “Reducing vulnerability,” for people affected by conflict, natural disaster or diseases; 2) “Markets and livelihoods” to support producers to improve their production and agro-processing methods; 3) “Improving access to services” for poor communities to gain access to safe water, food, electricity and transportation; and 4) “Responding to new technologies” to improve the lives of poor people through new technologies.
Practical Action’s headquarters are based in the U.K. Local offices are in Peru, Kenya, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.