Population and Community Development Association - Chiang Rai Branch

Program support

To support the Hilltribe Museum and Education Center’s programs, which provide aid and assistance to the Hill Tribe communities of Northern Thailand.

The Population and Community Development Association (PDA) is the leading, most diversified non-governmental organization in Thailand. Originally founded in 1974 to provide family planning services, PDA now also operates community and rural development programs, water resource development, local institution building, medical and health services, HIV/AIDS prevention activities, occupational training, and forestry and environmental conservation throughout Thailand. The organization and its leaders have received worldwide recognition, from groups such as the World Bank and UNAIDS, for bringing lasting, systemic changes to the people of Thailand and Southeast Asia. Most recently, the 2007 Gates Award for Global Health and the 2008 Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship were awarded to PDA and founder Mechai Viravaidya for their HIV prevention and family planning programs.