Orthodox Philanthropist Fraternal Order Holy Isapostolos Veroniki

For a nine-seat vehicle to transport resident girls to school, hospitals and on excursions, and for the purchase of supplies.

The Orthodox Philanthropist Fraternal Order “Holy Isapostolos Veroniki” is a non-profit organization that founded the Storgi Foundation, a boarding house for abandoned girls. The Storgi Foundation has a capacity to accommodate 35 girls. Currently, Storgi houses 25 girls ages 7-22 who are either orphans, from divorced parents, abandoned by their families, or the victims of childhood abuse.  The girls are of Georgian, Russian and Albanian origin, and all speak fluent Greek.

In addition to attending school and studying, the girls are taught how to clean, cook, knit and do other crafts. Every year, the girls organize a Christmas Bazaar where they sell products and gifts to visitors.