Opheltes - The Friend of Nemea

Monument reconstruction
For partial funding of the restoration of the Ancient Stadium entrance tunnel in Nemea. The restoration project involves the repair, consolidation and replacement of blocks that have broken and lost a part of their original size and shape. The restored Entrance tunnel will add significantly to the experience of Nemean Games athletes as well as Stadium visitors. The Ancient Stadium at Nemea was constructed around 330 B.C. when the games returned from Argos. It is similar to other stadiums of the Early Hellenistic period such as those at Olympia and Athens. 

Opheltes was created in 2006 with the purpose of supporting the promotion of cultural heritage at the archaeological site of Nemea and to include the site on the UNESCΟ World Heritage List. In pursuing this aim, the association’s focus has been on the reconstruction of the Temple of Nemean Zeus, the conservation of the Nemean Stadium, and the unification of those two areas.