National Gallery

Construction & Equipment

For the partial funding of construction works pertaining to the expansion and renovation of the National Gallery premises. The construction works funded by the Foundation include the addition of a new 3rd floor at building B, which will house additional exhibition spaces and a café/restaurant, the addition of a steel and glass façade to building B’s front side, accommodating a system of ramps and elevators connecting all floors; and interior finishes at the above ground floors of building B. Overall, the expansion works will add 11,040 square meters to the existing 9,720 - more than doubling the museum’s existing space.

The National Gallery was founded in 1900. Its collections comprise more than 16,000 works of painting, sculpture, engraving and other forms of art, encompassing the period from the post-Byzantine times to contemporary times. Additionally, the National Gallery owns a remarkable collection of Western European paintings as well as a rich book collection, and photographic and historical archives.