Museum of Cycladic Art - Nicholas P. Goulandris Foundation


For partial funding of the exhibition “EROS... From Hesiod’s Theogony to Late Antiquity,” which opened at the Museum of Cycladic Art on December 10th 2009 and was completed on April 11th, 2010. The exhibition included 270 artifacts from 45 archaeological museums and institutions from Greece, Cyprus, Italy and the Louvre in France. The archaeological exhibition concentrated on Eros, the primordial deity of procreation, and examined the historic progression of the concept of Eros from the sixth century B.C. to the third-fourth centuries A.D. This grant is made in memory of Dolly Goulandris, Founder of the Museum of Cycladic Art.

The Museum of Cycladic Art (MCA) is dedicated to the study and promotion of ancient cultures of the Aegean and Cyprus, with a special emphasis on Cycladic Art of the third millennium B.C. The MCA was founded in 1986 to house the collection of Nicholas and Dolly Goulandris.  It has grown in size to accommodate new acquisitions, obtained either through direct purchases or through donations by important collectors and institutions. The permanent collections are organized in three thematic sections: Cycladic Culture of the Early Bronze Age (3200 - 2000 B.C.); Ancient Greek Art from the Bronze Age to Late Roman times (second millennium B.C. – fourth century A.D.); and Cypriot Culture from the Chalcolithic Age to the Early Christian period (fourth millennium B.C. - 6th century A.D.). The Museum organizes various temporary exhibitions that renew the museum´s interaction with the public. The Museum further compliments its activities by publishing monographs and catalogs, providing scholarships for research purposes, and participating in international research projects. It places an emphasis on children and education, with an array of instructional programs designed to address a varied audience.  The Museum’s courses cover a wide range of subjects and are structured in an informative and imaginative way to produce an exciting and creative learning experience.

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