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Mission Enfance

Construction in Burkina Faso

For building a secondary school in the village of Guiè, Province of Oubritenga, in Burkina Faso. The new school, which will include a well for drinking water, will benefit 240 children ages 13 to 18 from surrounding villages. The school will be fully equipped with furniture and teaching equipment. The goal of the project is to improve teaching conditions and decrease the cost incurred for pupils who previously had to leave their region and families to pursue secondary studies. This project is part of an educative and agricultural program started in 2001 in collaboration with the local Association Zoramb Naagtaaba (AZN) to work for the development of this area and fight against desertification.

Mission Enfance is an organization of international solidarity based in Monaco. Created in 1991 by Father Stéphane Aumonier, its ambition is to support children in distress throughout the world. Its main sphere of intervention is education, through training teachers and creating and equipping schools, training centers, nurseries and libraries all over the world. It also provides development support to local communities and participates in emergency aid programs for young victims of war and natural disasters.