Ministry of Culture - 1st Office of Byzantine Antiquities

For audio guides for the Holy Monastery of Dafni and for expenses related to writing commentaries for the audio tour.
The Holy Monastery of Dafni is considered to be the most important Byzantine monument in Athens. The monastery also belongs to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is situated to the west of the city, halfway along the ancient Sacred Way to Elefsis. The first phase of its construction was completed in the sixth century A.D., and the monastery was rebuilt during the late eleventh century. The monuments that survive today belong to the latter construction phase. The church is built on a cross-in-square plan, with a large dome defining an octagonal space. The interior is decorated with mosaic works of superb quality that date to the late eleventh century. The mosaics are created on a gold background, all characteristic of the second golden age of Byzantine art.