Ministry of Culture, Ephorate for Paleoanthropology & Speleology of Northern Greece

For equipment for the conservation laboratory.  The new equipment aids in the proper conservation of materials and helps protect artifacts from humidity and further deterioration.  The equipment also protects the conservatory specialists themselves against hazardous materials and accidental inhalation.
The Ephorate for Paleoanthropology & Speleology of Northern Greece was established in 2003.  Its purpose is to protect, study and promote caves in the following regions: Thessaly, Ipiros, West Macedonia, Central Macedonia, East Macedonia and Thrace, and the Northern Aegean.  Its activities include identifying and exploring caves, conducting and publishing research and analyzing findings and samples, presenting and exhibiting speleological material in regional museums, participating in international conferences and exhibitions, developing and implementing educational programs, and collaborating with public, municipal and private institutions on regional cave management and development.