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Manhattan Theatre Club

Program support

For educational programming, including TheatreLink, a distance-learning, Internet-based playwriting and production program that unites students from geographically isolated areas to learn about theatre.

The TheatreLink program brings together underserved students from disparate communities through collaborative playwriting and production.  The program´s goals are to teach students the principles of playwriting and to enhance their understanding of the rehearsal and production process.  This project introduces TheatreLink internationally—specifically, to Anatolia High School in Thessaloniki, Greece.  Part of the project will involve videoconferencing among three schools, including two in the United States.

Manhattan Theatre Club (MTC) is dedicated to producing new plays and musicals by contemporary playwrights and is committed to bringing theatre to the widest possible audience.  Founded in 1970, the mission of MTC is to strengthen the art of contemporary theatre by developing talented writers and producing plays and musicals, many of which have received awards.  Today, MTC programs for three theatre stages, provides developmental support for playwrights, and offers high school students the opportunity to study and attend productions.  MTC seeks to bring the transformative power of theatre to students locally and internationally through its education programs.  The programs deepen students’ understanding of themselves and the world, stimulate their creativity, develop critical thinking skills, and create a knowledgeable, perceptive new audience for the theatre and for the arts in general.