La Ligue Nationale Contre Le Cancer

Program support
For development of the Espace Ligue in Nice and other cities in the Alps-Maritimes.  In March 2007, the Committee of the Alpes Maritimes inaugurated the Espace Ligue to support cancer patients and their families. The Espace Ligue was created according to the model Plan Cancer 2003-2007, launched by the French government.  The concept of a non-medical welcome league is now practiced in seven other committees. The goal of the Espace Ligue is to act as a bridge between life with the disease and a progressive return to social and professional life. Each year, cancer affects 280,000 new people in France and 8,000 in the Alpes Maritimes.

The French League against Cancer is a state-approved organization created in 1918.  Today the organization has 727,000 members. Its objectives are financing research, advocating on behalf of people and families affected by cancer, and informing the public about the disease and its prevention. The organization is composed of 103 independent local committees that are affiliated through the National Federation.  The Committee of the Alpes Maritimes was created in 1957.