Operating expenses
For the appointment of an Exclusion Officer to prevent disabled children from being excluded from mainstream schools. Their mission is to work together with the local Parent Partnership service, and the schools as well as, the children and their parents. Their pro-active role aims to ensure that children and young people who have been excluded are re-integrated successfully, to improve the behavior of children at risk of being excluded, by building up their self-confidence and by listening to their concerns, and to prevent further exclusions. The Exclusion Officers provide one-to-one behavioral support and advice to children and encourage them to participate in their individual education plan and to voice the problems they are facing. They also give training sessions to parents, in order to help them understand the legislation and take a more active role in their child’s education. Finally, they work with schools to raise awareness on positive policies and practices in order to reduce unlawful exclusions.

Kids was established in 1970 by a teacher, who established the Kids’ ethos of working in partnership with parents and caregivers to enable disabled children and young people, regardless of their impairment, to develop their skills and abilities and to fulfill their potential and aspirations. Over 40 years of work, Kids has pioneered a number of approaches and programs for disabled children and young people, including home learning, parent partnerships, adventure playgrounds, youth clubs, “short breaks” to relieve caregivers, and the inclusion of disabled kids in mainstream settings. Kids is recognized as a leading charity supporting the young disabled and runs a large department delivering training to local authorities and other leisure organizations on how to include disabled children in play and leisure facilities.