Johns Hopkins University

Center for Talented Youth - Program support

The grant supports the implementation of a feasibility study for the launch of a JHU-led Civic Engagement Project in Greece. The potential Greek Project will be modeled after the Civic Leadership Institute; a collaboration of the Center for Talented Youth of Johns Hopkins University with the Civic Education Project of Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development in Chicago.

The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) was established in 1979. It identifies and nurtures academically gifted, pre-university students with exceptionally high academic abilities by providing them with challenging educational opportunities, developing best practices in the field of gifted education, and supporting educators and parents in their efforts to meet the needs of talented students. The CTY in Greece – established exclusively through an SNF grant - is located at the Anatolia College of Thessaloniki and welcomed its first class of students during the summer of 2014.