IRSAM – Association de Patronage de l’Institut Regional des Jeunes Sourds et des Jeunes Aveugles de Marseille


For internal signage and customized bath equipment for adults with sensory handicaps.  The signage and bath equipment will be utilized in the current renovation and expansion project for the Villa Apraxine in Nice. The Villa Apraxine, which was created in 1920, runs an Occupational Foyer that welcomes adults with visual and/or auditory deficiencies. The Foyer conducts workshops to develop participants’ communication, social integration, creativity, sport, music, and cooking skills. The renovations will increase the capacity of the Villa from 38 to 44 people and the Villa will include two Foyers.

The Association IRSAM (Association de Patronage de l’Institut Régional des Jeunes Sourds et des Jeunes Aveugles de Marseille) was founded in 1923 and recognized as a public utility in 1931.  The Association today continues to carry out the mission of its founder, Father Dassy, to promote and facilitate the intellectual and professional education of people with sensory deficiencies of all ages without regard to origin or religion. The IRSAM manages 13 establishments in Marseille, Lyon, Nice and in the Reunion.