Horizons - Human and Cultural Activities

Exhibition in Beijing
The exhibition achieved record numbers, with over 220,000 Chinese, Greek and international visitors in just 38 days.
The exhibition focused on Ancient Greek civilization and its influence on modern Western theater practices.  Its most important exhibits included costumes, masks, scale models of ancient Greek theaters and giant photographs, including a map showing all the ancient theaters of the time. The exhibition also presented costumes and exhibits from Peking Opera, the most representative of all traditional Chinese forms of dramatic art.
The exhibition was the only Greek event co-produced by the Chinese authorities, including the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the Department of International Arts Cooperation and the National Center for Performing Arts - Beijing Opera.  In Greece, the exhibition was organized by the Mercouri Foundation, the NGO Horizons - Actions, the Greece - China Foundation and the Greek - Chinese Center for Research and Development.
NGO "Horizons - Human and Cultural Activities" was founded in 2003. Its primary focus is the organization of exhibitions, conferences and symposiums that promote the arts, Greek cultural identity and artistic creation. “Horizons” is also involved in founding libraries and producing and promoting movies, documentaries and audiovisual projects of a cultural and folkloric nature.

For the exhibition "The Influence of Ancient Drama in Opera and the Beijing Opera," which took place in Beijing in September 2008 . The Stavros Niarchos Foundation was the major sponsor of the exhibition, which was part of the Cultural Year of Greece in China events.