Historisches Museum Bern

For a special exhibition, Art of the Celts (700 BC to AD 700). The exhibition is a joint project with the Württemberg State Museum Stuttgart and will be held in 2009. Both museums own important collections dating from the final prehistoric period.
The history of the Celts and their craftsmanship were closely intertwined with the ancient advanced civilizations of the Mediterranean region. The exhibition will show how deeply Greek culture influenced people, even those at the rims of the then-known world. The Celtic connections with the Mediterranean cultures from the 7th century BC gave the decisive impulse to the Celtic Art.
Built in 1894, the Historisches Museum Bern, with 250,000 objects including the Burgundian tapestries, the Königsfeld Diptych, the Bronze Hydria from Grächwil, and ethnographic and numismatic collections, is one of the most important cultural/historical museums in Switzerland. In the last ten years, it has hosted attractive exhibits with strong public and international appeal.
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