Herakleidon Museum

Program support
For the partial funding of the “Art and Mathematics” program, through which students around Greece have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in mathematics through the use of works of art as learning tools.  

The Herakleidon Museum was founded in 2004 by two Greek nationals, living in the U.S.A., who desired to contribute to the artistic and educational life of Athens. Since its inception, the Museum’s vision has been to facilitate the improvement of Greek society and to strengthen the country’s prestige internationally through education. In addition to the permanent collections, the Museum houses temporary exhibitions of works by renowned Greek and foreign artists. Since its inauguration, the museum has presented 14 exhibitions with numerous works of art, from paintings and drawings to installations and photographs. The museum also hosts lectures, book presentations, creative writing workshops, seminars and a successful education program titled “Art and Mathematics” offered to students and adults.