Hellenic Rescue Team of Attica

Program support
For funding the educational and training program for 2008-2009.

The program includes the Hellenic Rescue Team’s participation in an international conference for alpine rescue in France, development of a co-educational program between Greece and Turkey for rescue dogs in earthquake rescues, cooperation with the Turkish Civil Protection Team, the Team’s participation in a training program for avalanche rescues in France in cooperation with the French National Alpine Ski School, and certification of six trained dogs for earthquake rubble rescues.

The Hellenic Rescue Team of Attica was founded in 1998.  It is staffed entirely by volunteers. The Team covers alpine rescues, responses to mass destruction and extreme weather conditions, water rescues and advanced first aid care. There are 280 volunteers, of whom 180 are active at any one time. In addition to its involvement in rescue operations all over Greece, the Team offers continuous specialized education and training to its members.