Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports


This grant supports a project to protect and showcase archaeological findings that came to light during excavation for the construction of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) which offer insight into the history of Athens and the Faliro Waterfront area.

Specifically, the grant supports the design, construction, and outfitting of the Kelyfos Polyandriou exhibition pavilion, which will protect and present, among other findings, the “Desmotes Falirou” group burial.

This group of 78 human skeletons, which dates to the second half of the 7th century BCE, has been recognized by the international archaeological community as being of exceptional importance. The ancient necropolis was discovered in the area of the SNFCC’s esplanade in March 2016 as part of a rescue excavation.

SNF expressed a written intent to fund this project in 2017; the Greek state committed to undertake its implementation in 2021.