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Hellenic Fire Department

Program support
For implementation of a long-term training program on combating forest fires that commenced in the summer of 2008.

The grant’s goal is to include the subject of combating forest fires in the course curriculum of the Academy of the Hellenic Fire Brigade, as well as to establish an expert unit within the Hellenic Fire Brigade to handle issues pertaining to combating and managing forest fires.  The new unit will participate in special educational programs that will take place at the British Columbia Fire Brigade in Canada.
The first phase of the educational programs will be addressed to the entire Hellenic Fire Brigade and will cover basic principles of combating forest fires.  Subsequent stages, which will be addressed to officers, will teach specialized methods of extinguishing forest fires and operational tactics.
Upon their return to Greece, the trainers will educate fire fighters at the Academy and their colleagues through training seminars and programs that will take place at the Academy and throughout Greece on a regional level (“train the trainer”).
The grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation will equip the Hellenic Fire Brigade with manuals for teaching the new courses as well as software for online instruction.
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Press Release (10/14/2008)