Greek Forum of Immigrants

Program support
Part of the Refugee and Immigrant Support Program.

The program’s purpose is the social integration of second-generation immigrants, focusing on the critical age of 16-25, but addressing other age groups as well. Furthermore, the program is designed to complement the new law offering Greek citizenship to second-generation immigrants. The first part of the program will involve a series of workshops and seminars on professional orientation, legal issues and empowerment skills (including collective representation and the use of communication skills), and will include the participation of institutions such as the General Workers’ Association, the Greek Ombudsman and the Athens Bar Association. The second part of the program involves setting up an Immigration Support Desk, which will act as a hub for immigrants and provide information, legal guidance, and psychological support as needed.

The Greek Forum of Immigrants, representing 24 immigration groups in Greece, is the largest immigrant representation body in Greece and, as such, the leading partner and counterparty to the State on all immigration issues. The Forum has participated in several State and EU-funded educational programs dealing with immigration issues and aiming at the social empowerment and promotion of the human rights of immigrants living in Greece.