Greek Association of Dance Therapy

Program support
For implementing a dance therapy program that will take place at various institutions including orphanages, foundations for children with special needs, and senior citizen’s homes.

The goals of the dance therapy sessions are to improve participants’ socialization and communication skills, self-respect and self-confidence. The program’s sessions will include instruction in the technique of primitive expression and dance movement.

The Greek Association of Dance Therapy was founded in Athens in 1993.  It is a member of the European Union of Dance Therapy and the American Dance Therapy Association. Dance therapy is a form of psychotherapy that attempts to combat psychosomatic disorders. It was developed as a scientific field in the mid-20th century in the United States.  Dance therapists work in diverse settings including public and private psychiatric institutions, centers for people with special needs, day care centers, senior citizens’ homes, women’s prisons, and rehabilitation programs.

As part of its educational mission, the Association offers a three-year graduate program in dance therapy that is equivalent to similar European programs.  The Association also promotes the field through lectures, publications, seminars, and participation in Greek and international conferences.