Gennadius Library

Programs support
For the digitization and creation of online presentations of some of the most important materials from the collections of the Gennadius Library, in order to make them accessible to a wider public in virtual form, through the use of the award-winning Turning-the-pages Content Management System. Turing-the-pages is a new software used by libraries, including the British Library and the Natural History Museum, which includes features such as the realistic depiction in 3-D of the document, zoom and magnification, personal and group note-taking, advanced search, and a content management system allowing users to create and upload their own books onto the system. The end result will be freely available to all over the Library’s website, as well as through infokiosks, which will be placed at the Library premises and the Attalus Stoa at the Athenian Agora.

With 120,000 books, manuscripts, archives, and works of art on Greek philology and history, the Gennadius Library is the repository of many important archival collections relating to the history and culture of post-classical, Byzantine, and modern Greece, as well as of the Balkan peninsula. Modern Greek Literature covers a large variety of texts written after the fall of Constantinople in 1453, as well as earlier ones dating back to the 12th century.