Fundacion Sindrome de Down de Madrid

Operating support
For operating support. The Fundacion Sindrome de Down de Madrid (FSDM) was created in January 1997 from the merger of the “Asociacion Centro de Terapia Infantil” (founded in 1981) and the “Asociacion Sindrome de Down Madrid” (founded in 1989).

FSDM´s mission is to promote, develop and reinforce activities that help people with Down syndrome and other intellectual deficiencies achieve better family, school and professional lives and accomplish social integration. The FSDM provides individualized follow-up care at each stage of life including the “infantile step” for a global assessment and early stimulation, the “school step” for school support and orientation as well as stimulation focused on language and communication, and the “adult step” for professional and independent life, including leisure and cultural activities.