Fondation Greffe de Vie

Projects support
For  two Transplant Procurement Management  training sessions  for nurses who work on organ transplants. Nurses play a critical role in organ removal and transplants. They coordinate on medical, practical, administrative and statutory levels and support donor families. The TPM program, which originated in Spain, has proven its effectiveness and addresses the request of the European Council for a professional course on an international level that covers both theory and practice in the field of organ transplants. The Agency of Biomedicine collaborated with Spain to adapt the program for France.

TPM updates nurses on the clinical, judicial, ethical and logistical issues related to organ transplants. This intensive, comprehensive one week training course utilizes actual case simulations, technique teaching, and experience sharing to reinforce the involvement of participants.

The Fondation Greffe de Vie was created in 2005 to address the need for a higher rate of organ donation in France. In 2007, 4,464 transplants were performed, but the number of patients needing transplanted organs was 13,074. The mission of the foundation is to raise public awareness of the need for organ donation, support detection campaigns, and advocate for transplant research.