For theatrical lighting technology and audio equipment for Ergastiri’s event hall.

Ergastiri was established in 1978 by parents, guardians and friends of people with mental disabilities to meet the needs of those who graduated from various special schools at age 18 and who had no alternatives but to stay at home.  At the time, Greece had no adequate structure to allow the mentally disabled to continue their vocational training and further their social inclusion and rehabilitation.

Ergastiri trains and rehabilitates about 100 young people and employs approximately 35 permanent staff (technical, administrative, scientific and supportive staff). Ongoing staff training takes place through international conferences and seminars focusing on new developments in the field of mental disability and on contemporary education approaches.  Ergastiri’s areas of rehabilitation and occupational training include batik making, weaving, carpet making, sewing, baking, catering, pottery, and seasonal and small gift making. The products of its bakery and catering activities are sold in several supermarkets and stores.  The center also offers counseling and psychological support (individual, group, and family), special physical education, work therapy, vocational orientation and rehabilitation, programs to develop social skills and behavior, and school education maintenance.  Ιn addition, the afternoon Recreation Club offers lessons in music, choir, theatrical games, dance, and many other activities.  Another ongoing project is to build nine houses that will offer semi-autonomous accommodations to people with special needs.