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Doctors Without Borders - USA

Emergency relief

The grant supports MSF’s response to an extremely critical humanitarian and nutritional crisis in the Lake Chad basin, a region spanning Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, and Niger. The ongoing conflict in the region is having drastic consequences on the health and wellbeing of civilians, especially children.  An estimated 2.6 million people have fled their homes, and although the situation varies from one location to another, MSF teams are seeing high rates of malnutrition in their health facilities. In most instances they are far above emergency thresholds.

Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF), often known as Doctors without Borders, provides emergency aid to people in need of medical and humanitarian aid. Founded in 1971 by French physicians who believed that the right to medical aid transcends national borders its mission is to provide medical and humanitarian relief to the victims of war, disease, and natural or man-made disaster, without regard to race, nationality, political beliefs, or religion. MSF currently has offices in 21 countries and relief projects in over 60.