Common Ground Community Solutions

Program Support
For support to expand services to those at risk of homelessness and to document the impact and cost savings of the Brownsville Partnership model, in order to replicate the initiative in other communities.
Common Ground is a community development organization which has been creating innovative solutions to homelessness since 1990. Starting with the development of housing options for those most in need, and using research and data to reshape practices and systems, Common Ground’s work demonstrates that homelessness can be ended, not simply managed.  
Common Ground has launched a spin-off organization, Common Ground Community Solutions, with the express purpose of partnering with communities locally, nationally and internationally to grow their capacity to end homelessness using tested strategies. Signature elements of this work are the “100,000 Homes Campaign” launched in 2010 to mobilize and train communities throughout the United States to house, collectively, 100,000 vulnerable homeless individuals and families  over three years, and the Brownsville Partnership, a comprehensive homelessness prevention partnership with a New York City neighborhood with historically high rates of homelessness.