Columbia University

School of Nursing - Program support
For developing a national credentialing process for the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DrNP) degree.

The DrNP is a rigorous academic and clinical study program that was first established at the Columbia University School of Nursing.  It is now offered by eight schools and is being established in another 190.  Nurses graduating at the doctoral level have diagnostic and treatment abilities comparable to those of a general physician.

The School of Nursing will develop a national credentialing process, in the form of an examination, for the DrNP degree, in order to ensure standardization and quality of the doctoral programs, to serve as validation of the clinical expertise of DrNP graduates, and to be used by employers, insurers and patients to reliably identify these practitioners.

The Columbia University School of Nursing is part of the Columbia University Medical Center, a world renowned academic health center.  The School was established over 110 years ago and is known for educating nursing leaders and spearheading advances in the nursing profession.