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Program in Hellenic Studies of the Department of Classics - Program support

For the Origins and Development of Greek Sculpture project, part of the initiative entitled, “An Appreciation for Modern Greek Culture in the United States: A Collaboration between the Program in Hellenic Studies, Columbia University and Kouros Galleries, New York City.”  The project will consist of an exhibit of works by the sculptor Nicolas Vlavianos at Kouros Gallery and a lecture delivered by Mr. Vlavianos at Columbia University. (More)

The Program in Hellenic Studies at Columbia University, established in 1988, is a premiere academic program in Hellenic Studies, boasting a vast library collection, interdisciplinary courses, summer intensive courses, and a series of events and conferences for the campus and greater-New York City communities.  This collaborative effort with Kouros Gallery aims to promote the work of artists of Modern Greece and the Greek Diaspora on campus, as well as in New York City.