Classroom Inc.

Program support

For the expansion of Classroom, Inc. programs in high schools.

Since 1991, Classroom, Inc. (CRI), an educational non-profit organization, has transformed classrooms into learning environments that motivate students through innovative teaching methods. 

CRI\'s philosophy is that young people learn better when they are interested and engaged in their work.  The programs are designed to help low-achieving adolescent students achieve competency in basic skills of reading and mathematics.  To accomplish this goal, CRI creates computer programs that place students in virtual workplaces where they use literacy, math, and communication skills to make decisions and solve problems.  CRI also creates printed materials that provide students with engaging and instructionally sound curricula and offers educators a comprehensive professional development program.  The curriculum is being used in middle and high school classrooms during the school day, in after-school programs, and during summer school sessions in New York City and across the country. Classroom, Inc.’s programs are proven to be highly effective in helping students gain the skills they need to graduate from high school.