CIOMAL: Comite International de l’Ordre de Malte

Program support in Cambodia and Brazil
For CIOMAL’s leprosy programs in Cambodia and Brazil.  Leprosy, an infectious disease, is prevalent in poorer parts of the world. CIOMAL uses a holistic approach to aid sufferers through treatment, reconstructive surgery, and physical and occupational therapy.

The leprosy programs also focus on reducing the stigma associated with leprosy and assisting patients with small business endeavors.

CIOMAL, the International Committee of the Order of Malta, was established in 1958 by the Order of Malta as an non-governmental organization dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of those suffering from leprosy.CIOMAL finances and manages care centers in Cambodia and Brazil for the treatment of leprosy.In the care centers the prevention, medical assistance, social rehabilitation and medical staff training are organized in collaboration with the government of the hosting country.CIOMAL has also established a program in Argentina to prevent HIV transmission from mother to child.

The Order of Malta treats patients regardless of race, religion, nationality or age.  It is a religious order and the oldest Christian charity in the world.